Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Episode 6: If You Have a Buzz, I Have a Woodie

Underwhelming movies is the topic as Brent, Jim and Puckett discuss the movies that just didn't quite cut the mustard when it came to the hype they were given. Nerd staples like Star Wars and The X-Men are dissected, blockbusters like Jurassic Park and Austin Powers are skewered and Forrest Gump gets, well, gumped. Also, Jim explains how to properly enjoy the Pixar films, Puckett prepares for The Spirit and the boys discuss their own ratings.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Episode 5: You're Not Helping

Brent Owen opens the show with an apology about last weeks episode. Sorry, guys.

Brent, Bryan Puckett and Jim Schildknecht discuss dating stories varying from the bizarre to the depressing to the hilarious with a great group of guys at the bar. Highlights include the shows first female audience member, Puckett's endless rage, fixer-upper girls, the difference between birth control and bi-polar meds, gay 80s night, and a final clarification on necrophilia.

WARNING: Jim does grab the mic and breathe in it for a while towards the end. Sorry, again.

Episode 4: Nothing...Not Even Crickets

Jim Schildknecht, Bryan Puckett, Brent Owen, and their guest Jason Saint discuss great (and terrible) moments in concerts while debating such topics as song fade-outs, bad opening acts, Sevenmarrythree, and why it is Brent delivers one of the flattest falling jokes in the show's history. Also features Stewart Askiew's Talk Black to Me, a new recurring feature. Jason also discusses his upcoming event, Saint Fest
2, April 25th in Louisville.

Episode 3: Stewart Hits on a Waitress

The first episode to feature 'bonus time' (an extra 8 minutes, kids!)
Brent, Jim, Puckett and the bar room studio audience discuss all those
bands you just don't like to find out other people like. Ever lose
respect or turn away from someone after they say they enjoy certain
bands? This episode is for you. Also mentioned in this episode is
Spider-Man and Green Day's upcoming musicals, bands people use to sound
credible and Jim cutting people off. Oh, and our buddy Stewart meets a
new waitress at Brownie's.

Episode 2: The Swear Jar

In their second episode, hosts Brent Owen, Jim Schildknecht and Bryan
Puckett institute a swear jar to battle their blatant disregard for
decent language in the first episode, while discussing the internet's
enjoyment on music. Plugged along the way are internet stunts by
Radiohead, iTunes, MySpace, young music fans ability to do anything for
free, and the resurgence of vinyl and it's impact on some bands' back
catalogs and collectors.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Episode 1: What We Did on Our Summer Vacation

First episode of the latest podcast series from the minds behind pucknation dot com's original "30 Minute BJ". Jim Schildknecht, Brent Owen and Bryan Puckett discuss pop culture and it's validation of their existence. Other topics include Comic Book Movies, Forgetting Sarah Marshall being a better friend than Brent, Sex and the City disappointments and Twilight.